Amrita Skye Blaine April 2013 smallerAmrita Skye Blaine writes short essays, memoir, fiction, and poetry, developing themes of aging, coming of age, disability, and most of all, the process of unlearning–the heart of the matter. In 2003, she received an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. Her memoir manuscript, now titled Bound to Love, won first prize in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association 2005 literary contest.

She has had personal essays published in five anthologies, and in national magazines: “In Context” (now known as “Yes!” magazine) and “Catalyst.” Other personal essays have been published in the “Register-Guard” newspaper, and the “Eugene Weekly.” Skye also presented radio essays on KRML 1410 AM in Carmel, CA.

***There is another Skye Blaine, Allegra Skye Blaine, who writes about dragons and vampires. Goodreads seems to confuse us. You can find her work here.

2 responses to “About

  1. Skye,
    Linda Rouse here I had my rotator cuff operated on Wed will come to your class when I can drive hopefully soon
    Thanks Linda

  2. Roy Teixeira

    Just saw your requirements to join a group. Perhaps this isn’t what i’m looking for, Thanks Roy

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